At William Harding, we believe in promoting opportunities for children to develop their spoken oracy skills wherever possible. Our debates offer a platform for children to express opinions, listen to others, whilst developing their understanding of a range of topics. Debates are a great way for students to get involved in class. Students have to research topics, prepare for the debate with their team, and think on their feet as they practice public speaking. Learning how to debate does more than improve speaking skills; it also makes for better listeners. This supplements our explicit vocabulary teaching.

Every Tuesday, classes engage in a topical debate, where speaking and listening skills are taught and modelled and children have opportunities to take on a range of roles.

This term our debate topics have included; is reading important? how to stay safe online, the right to vote, vegan vs meat eating, the power of sport and character investigation activities.

Enrichment Time

At William Harding Enrichment Time is part of our weekly offer to our pupils. Our behaviour policy is based on positive reinforcement and gives the pupils opportunities to be successful and take ownership of their choices. Pupils who make good choices and strive to do their best are rewarded with weekly Enrichment Time and this gives pupils opportunities to take part in a variety of extra curricular chosen activities on a weekly basis - these range from sport to relaxation to specific interest areas such as learning British Sign Language.

Enrichment Summer 1st half term

Singing Schools

At William Harding we work alongside The Voices Foundation who are are a national charity which use the power of singing to improve the lives of children and young people in the UK. Their mission is to ensure no child is left out when it comes to learning to be a musician. This is an effective, practical and powerful way of teaching Music, from Early Years through to Year 6.  It is based on a sound understanding of child development, so that children learn musical skills and concepts naturally and progressively, by engaging in hands-on musical activities and singing games.  It is proven that when children engage in high quality regular musical learning from a young age there are musical, intellectual, emotional and social advantages. The musical skills and concepts are practiced in a variety of ways to suit individual needs and learning styles, so that musical literacy and the benefits of music training are accessible to all children, including those with special educational needs.

The Voices Foundation help to;

  • get singing in every classroom

  • empower teachers and staff with skills and confidence

  • support the music lead to set up high quality choirs and singing assemblies

  • provide high quality resources to support school music


I am delighted to share with you clubs on offer to pupils as we aim to create a range of activities and opportunities for all year groups and we hope the pupils will be inspired to attend these.   

Included are all other social, moral, spiritual and culture opportunities for enrichment that are on offer to our pupils as part of our curriculum. For your ease sports clubs are in blue, social and emotional development opportunities are in purple and all other clubs are in green. Please click here for a yearly overview of our Club timetable.

We are continuing to develop and introduce a larger range of external clubs for the pupils and details will be shared shortly.  If you have any thoughts on clubs you would like to see offered please contact the school office. 

Further information with regards how to sign up for clubs will be shared via Schoolcomms, these will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 

Club timetable Summer 2nd half term

Breakfast Club and After School Club - W.O.W

After running a competition to rename Breakfast and After School Club, we renamed it 'W.O.W Club', after an excellent suggestion from Isla in Chatsworth class.  W.O.W stands for 'William of Walton', which refers to William Harding, who was a yeoman from the hamlet of Walton who left a trust in his will to clothe and educate the children of the poor from the local area in the 1600s.  We particularly liked this link to the history of the school, as well as the fact that the clubs really are 'WOW!'.

At our Breakfast Club and After School Club we offer pupils a range of opportunities that include;

  • creative

  • curriculum linked activities of pupil interest

  • IT

  • construction

  • outdoor learning

  • cooking

  • physical activities

  • quizzes

  • drama

  • scooters

  • sewing

  • board games

  • movies

  • and many more…

Please click here to find out more.