Welcome to Reception

We are delighted to welcome you to Reception year group web page - this page will develop with more information over the school year. We hope that you will find all the information here that you require, if you have any suggestions we will be pleased to hear from you.

Miss Hubbard - Year Leader



  •                 To provide an opportunity for children to reinforce skills, reflect and build upon their learning in the classroom.

  •                 To further foster the partnership between home and school for the benefit of the child

  •                    To involve parents (and other adults) in pupils’ work

  •                    To encourage the development of independent study

  •                      To encourage the development of pupils’ organisational skills, self-discipline and confidence

Our expectations in Reception;

  •                     Reading – children will be sent home books to enjoy at home. 5 – 10 minutes daily practise.

  •                      Children are encouraged to find out information, bring in books or object of interest or a similar related task pertaining to the focus topic being carried out.

  •                      Tapestry – home to school sharing of learning.

  •                      Home learning Book – each child will be given focused tasks related to the topic to carry out at home. 

Our Homework policy can be found here.