Here are some comments from our wonderful pupils taken from Pupil Questionnaires and Pupil Voice meetings.

‘We make lots of friends.’ Reception pupil

‘The teachers look after us.’ Reception pupil

‘The teachers are very smart.’ Reception pupil

‘We love our learning, lunch, activities, the play area, our friends and the teachers.’ A group of Reception pupils

‘We get to learn and I like learning how to write.’ Year 1 pupil

‘Maths is fun and I like science.’ Year 1 pupil

‘Our school trips and friends are fun.’ Year 1 pupil

There are fun clubs, good teachers and our dinner ladies are lovely.’ Year 2 pupil

‘There are lots of good things at school; reading, the equipment, lessons are fun, matron, school shop and good support.’ Year 2 pupils

Our field is large, we have good playground equipment and I feel safe.’ Year 3 pupil

‘Maths is hard, but fun!’ Year 3 pupil

We have kind teachers and we get a good education here.’ Year 3 pupil

‘We have lots of nice people here.’ Year 3 pupil

There are good resources, lots of equipment and staff to help me when I am stuck.’ Year 4 pupil

‘It’s just so welcoming and friendly here,’ Year 4 pupil

‘Lunch times are great!’ Year 4 pupil

‘It’s good as we are a multi-cultural school.’ Year 4 pupil

Learning new things is great.’ Year 4 pupil

‘Staff are good at looking after us all.’ Year 4 pupil

‘The gerbils are the best!’ Year 4 pupil

‘Our school values mean people have manners and are friendly.’ Year 4 pupil

‘The teachers, activities and TAs are great.’ Year 5 pupil

Friends, sports, trips, clubs, staff and teachers - it’s all great.’ Year 5 pupil

We’re lucky as we get lots of opportunities here - equipment, activities and clubs.’ Year 5 pupil

‘The inclusion is great.’ Year 6 pupil

Trips, sports and clubs - awesome.’ Year 6 pupil

The help and support from staff is good.’ Year 6 pupil

It’s great having responsibilities and jobs!’ Year 6 pupil