Year 4 Newsletter - Autumn Term 2nd half 2018

 Dear families,

 Wow!  We are already into the second half-term of the academic year.  The children have adjusted very well to life in Year 4 and have particularly enjoyed our project based learning which has been focusing on different aspects of mountains.  We were very impressed with the original designs the children have adopted when building their very own 3-D models of mountains and which the pupils are sharing with their peers from Year 2 this week as part of our wow finish.

 The purpose of this letter is to provide you with information and reminders about Year 4, which we hope you and child will find useful.

  In our year group this term we will have the following adults;  Blenheim - Mr Johnson / Mr Wright, Mrs Fuller, Miss Warner. Ascott - Mrs Badea, Mrs Capstick/Miss Bird. Osborne - Mr Cowie, Mrs Capstick/Miss Bird, Miss Weston.


Our focus will be shape and space in the first two weeks (with an emphasis on the properties of 2D shape and coordinates); then the pupils will study measurement, including conversions and perimeter. Finally we will move on to finding equivalent fractions and finding fractions of different amounts.


Our focus in non-Fiction will be looking at information texts, the final outcome for which will involve the children planning and then presenting a pitch for a new gadget.  Meanwhile, in fiction, the pupils will be studying poetry and will finish by composing their very own free verse poem about a small, unexpected event.  In spelling we will continue to focus on adding prefixes and suffixes to words and explore how the same sounds in different words can be spelt differently. Meanwhile, our grammar work will continue to focus on up-levelling sentences through the use of powerful verbs, adverbs and adjectives as well as using punctuation and conjunctions to vary sentence type and length.


Our focus will be ‘In a State’ which will involve looking at the different states of matter (gas, liquid, solid), how these can change state, via for example freezing and melting, as well as a detailed study of the water cycle and the important part played by evaporation and condensation within it.

 Cornerstones Curriculum

Our topic is ‘Playlist’. During this half term, we will study how different musical instruments are made and how they produce sounds, explore the many different singing techniques from around the world and investigate different sound-proofing materials.  Furthermore, the children will have the opportunity to create their very own musical instruments and participate in a class orchestral performance.


Our focus this half term will be teamwork, the children will be developing their team working skills through participation in dance and rugby.  Please ensure your child has a warmer kit and suitable trainers for outside PE sessions, as well as their indoor kit.  Now as the weather has turned colder we are happy for the children to wear warm hats and gloves should they wish.  An extra pair of socks is always handy in case the field is wet, as well as a plastic bag to keep muddy trainers away from the rest of their kit.  

 Children must be able to remove and replace earrings independently.  If your child has only just had their ears pierced they will need to bring in medical tape to cover their earrings themselves, not plasters.

 PE lessons take place on the following days: Blenheim – Tuesday and Friday. Ascott – Monday and Tuesday. Osbourne – Monday and Friday swimming.


Children will be tested weekly on their time tables using the ‘Cracking Times Tables’ scheme.  Each week they will take home a sheet which will show the tables they need to learn in order to pass through each level.

 My Maths - As a year group we will set a number of tasks for the children to do across a half-term which will be related to work we complete in class. These can be accessed with a log-in on the internet.


At William Harding we encourage the children to become independent readers; children will bring a home reader of their choice home to read for their own enjoyment.  Alongside this we also want to promote social reading and will be providing a reading diary for parents to complete with their children.  Please read to/with your child as regularly as possible over the week.  The recommendation for children in Year 4 is 20 minutes per day.  We ask that you fill in the entries in the reading diary to let us know all about the excellent reading and discussions that have taken place.  Children can earn house points for the reading you do at home, so the more we know about it, the better their chances of being rewarded for it.

 Water Bottles

Please ensure your child has a named water bottle with them every day. It is important for children to stay hydrated as part of their general well-being.


The school continues to acknowledge the importance of good nutrition as an aid to learning.  Therefore, can we please remind you that any snacks for break should be healthy e.g. fruit or vegetables.

 We look forward to another super term ahead.

 Yours sincerely,

 Mrs Badea, Mr Wright, Mr Cowie and Mr Johnson