At William Harding we are passionate about teaching phonics in order for our children to learn to read effortlessly so that they can put all their energy into comprehending what they read. A good understanding of phonics also supports their spelling so that they can focus on composing what they write.

We use the Read Write Inc (RWInc) programme to teach Phonics from Pre-school to Year 2 and it continues to be referred to throughout the curriculum in Key Stage 2. RWInc is a method of learning centered on letter sounds and phonics. We use it to aid children in their word decoding, comprehension skills and spelling strategies.

The strategies in the RWInc lessons mean that children are well prepared for their Phonics Screening Check at the end of Year 1. The RWInc approach allows us to group the children according to their needs so they learn to blend and segment with sounds that they are familiar with. This promotes confidence in word decoding, as well as being taught new sounds. Common exception words are also taught so that children can recognise them in the stories that they read.

The children at William Harding School enjoy their RWInc lessons and the challenges set to them as the lessons are pacey and engaging. They are then able to use the skills they learn in other areas of the curriculum, supported by the RWInc displays consistent in every learning space.

RWInc strategies that pupils at William Harding will use regularly and are embedded across the school and the curriculum;

  • 'Fred Talk' for blending

  • 'Fred Fingers' for spelling

  • 'Special friends' for diagraphs

  • 'Perfect Partners' for developing pupil voice and confidence

  • 'Magnet Eyes' for good learning behaviours

More information and guidance for parents can be found on the Ruth Miskin website. Please click here to find out more.