Year 6 Newsletter - Autumn Term 2nd half 2018

 Dear families,

 We hope you had a restful and enjoyable half term.  It's been lovely to hear about some of the exciting things many of them got up to.  We cannot believe that we are in the second term already! Over the course of the next few weeks we will be completing some of our previous topics and moving on to some of our new ones.  Please see below for further details.


Our focus will be:

  1. Geometry - properties of shapes

  2. Geometry - position and direction division

  3. Measurement - unit conversion

  4. Measurement - perimeter, area & volume

  5. Fractions, decimals & percentages

  6. Ratio and Proportion


We have begun a second Literacy Unit this week on Poetry.  The children will be exploring the power of imagery using ‘Rabbit in Mixer Survives’ by Roger McGough as its focus:

Writing purpose:

To write a poem in free verse which describes a sea creature, using extended metaphor and personification.

Writing outcomes:

•           creates unusual images, to make the reader see my creature differently

•           describes the sea creature using simile, extended metaphor and personification

•           experiments with rhythm by using repetition, alliteration and onomatopoeia.

 In the non-fiction part of the Unit children will examine the audience and purpose of argument texts and how pejorative and emotive language is used.

Writing purpose:

To write an argument for a debate, persuading people to vote for the ‘Animal Party’.

Writing outcomes:

•           Is powerful and memorable because I have used persuasive techniques such as pejorative and emotive language

•           has a slogan which sums up the main idea

•           has an introduction and conclusion.


Our focus will be Electricity.  Pupils will develop their understanding of electrical circuits and build on the work from Year 4.  They will construct circuits with an increasing number of components and contrast the effects this has on the function of the components.  The children will learn to use the recognised electrical symbols to record circuits, particularly as the circuits become more complex.  They will research how electricity is generated both traditionally using coal and gas, and by renewable resources.  Pupils will investigate how electricity is transmitted across the country and what sort of electricity generating plant they might site in their locality.

 Cornerstones Curriculum

We will be continuing our topic on Tomorrow’s World.  The children will be learning about robots now and in the future, with a focus on the algorithms that are required for them to function. 

How you could support your child at home:

  • Why not go on a technology hunt to locate computerised and robotic devices in your home?

  • You could also create a survey to find out how much time your family and friends spend using technology each day.

  • Alternatively, go online to research a significant figure in the computing world. What did they discover and how did this influence our daily lives?


Our focus will be collaboration and teamwork in tag rugby (outdoors) and dance/circuit training (indoors).

The children will need to ensure they have their full P.E. kit: black/blue shorts, white T shirt, trainers and tracksuit bottoms for the colder months.  Children should not wear jewellery to school on PE days. In the case of earrings that cannot be taken out (ears pierced within the last 6 weeks), these must be taped over. 


Homework will continue to be handed out on a Thursday and due in on a Tuesday.  Unfortunately, despite letters having gone out to certain children inviting them to join our Maths Homework club and many verbal reminders, we have had very few children come along.  Please can we ask that if your child brought home a letter last half term that you encourage them to attend regularly as not only do they have the use of the ICT suite, but also a Year 6 teacher to support them should they struggle with any of it. 


Pupils should be reading regularly at home, both independently and with an adult.  Please encourage your child to read every night if possible.  When listening to children read, stop every once in a while and ask them what they think is going to happen next. Get them thinking about the story. When it is finished, ask if they could think of a better ending or anything that would have improved it. If they really liked the story, encourage them to make up a different story with the same characters. Get the creative juices flowing!

 This half term we recommend Guy Jones’ debut, ‘The Ice Garden’.  In the story we are introduced to Jess who is allergic to sunlight and cannot go out in the daylight unless she is “Full Hat” – swathed in fabric from head to toe. Stealing out one night for an illicit walk, she discovers a garden made entirely of ice, and a boy, Owen, who becomes her first friend – but the garden, though beautiful, is both threatening and threatened, and Jess soon faces a painful choice.

[A] delicately constructed debut… Elegant, assured, sad and hilarious - Imogen Russell Williams, Guardian Review


It is essential that all children have a water-proof coat every day, and that they are prepared to go outside in any weather. Uniform reminders: Children should wear shoes and not boots to school. Children should not wear nail varnish or jewellery, other than stud earrings. Long hair should be tied back and hair ties should be simple & functional. Children should wear shoes and not trainers.

 Lost Property

PLEASE can we ask you to check that items of clothing are clearly labelled as we have many items that have gone missing but have not been named.  As you can imagine, this makes it very difficult to find and return to the rightful owner.  Please also make sure that where items of clothing have been passed down to a younger sibling, the label has been updated.  A reminder that our Year 6 Lost Property bin can be found in the middle room between Windsor and Warwick class.  Parents are welcome to come and look through the lost property with their child at the end of the school day.  At the end of every half term, we will go through the bin and return any labelled items.  Please make sure you have put your name in/on all items including bags, shoes, pencil cases, lunchboxes and water bottles so that we are able to do this.

 Painting Aprons

Repeat Reminder – If you have any old, large shirts at home please bring them in so we can top up our painting aprons. Over the course of the year we do a lot of Art and we often need to go and borrow from other year groups when all 3 classes are painting on the same day.

 Wet Break Games

We would be very grateful if you could donate age appropriate board games (to supplement the ones we already have) and children’s magazines and comics that the pupils can use during this time.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us via the school office if you or your child has any worries or concerns. For non-urgent matters, it is usually easier to catch us at the end of the school day rather than at the beginning. 

 We look forward to another super half term ahead.

 Yours sincerely

 Mrs Proudfoot, Mrs Watson, Mrs Miles, Miss Robinson and Mrs Walker