There are lots of people in our school who care about you and your happiness. If you have a concern there are lots of people you can talk to, this could be your teacher, or another teacher you know, a Teaching Assistant, a Midday Supervisor, office staff or a caretaker. Anyone you would like to talk to.

We also have lots of well trained other people you can talk to who are really good at listening!

Safeguarding Team

Our Safeguarding team are here to keep you safe and help you in lots of different ways - you can talk to them anytime;

Mrs Skinner - KS2 Deputy Head, Mrs Bone - Lead Family Liaison Officer and Safeguarding Manager, Miss Cotchin - Headteacher or Mr Archer - WOW Club Leader (Breakfast and After School Club).

Family Liaison Team

This team work to support you and your family and aim to build strong relationship between home and school. They also work to improve your attendance and will sometimes do home visits. This team are also happy for you to talk to them anytime.

Mrs Bone - Lead Family Liaison Officer, Mrs Bicknell and Miss Durham


Our Matron, Mrs Lambourne, is in school full time and is happy to support all your medical needs or information She looks after all the medicines and is a trainer in many areas of First Aid. If you have any health questions - she is the person to ask!

School Counsellor

Ms Porter is an experienced counsellor, and has been a teacher. She has lots of experience supporting young people and she is another person that you can go and talk to.

Mental Health

We understand the demands and challenges of modern day life for you and the importance of ensuring you feel supported and feel safe. Ms Baldwin is our school Mental Health First Aider and can support you with your mental health or concerns.